Pet Birds Make For Good Sitcom Plots

Judge Judy quite often ruffles the feathers of the litigants before her, which is one of the reasons she remains one of the most popular people on television. A case on a recent session of her show, however, involved a more literal interpretation of ruffling feathers.

The plaintiff had 42 birds, and she was suing a couple who had purchased two macaws from her. The case got a little heated at times, and Judy shortly wrapped it up by informing the plaintiff that she already had too many birds.

Pet birds have appeared on TV long before Judge Judy, as proven by a quick look into the history of sitcoms. Here are episodes from nine shows where a regular character runs into trouble with someone’s pet bird.

Three’s Company

In the episode called “Bird Song” Jack Tripper (played by John Ritter) and Chrissy Snow (played by Suzanne Somers) agree to take care of a parakeet Mr. Roper plans to give his wife as a gift.

The Andy Griffith Show

Opie (played by Ron Howard) accidentally kills a mother bird with his slingshot, prompting Andy to make him take care of the trio of newborns (which he named Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod) until they could fly off on their own.

The Simpsons

Bart accidentally kills a bird and, like Opie a few decades before him, the Simpsons son tends to the little bird he was responsible for orphaning.

Mayberry R.F.D.

In this spin off of The Andy Griffith Show the son of Sam Jones loses the prized pet bird of Howard Sprague, setting off a cover up that even involves Aunt Bee.

Gilligan’s Island

The castaways pin their hopes of a rescue on a carrier pigeon, only to find that Gilligan (played by Bob Denver) grows so fond of the bird that he cannot bear to let it leave the island.


Kramer (played by Michael Richards) takes on the responsibility of baby sitting the birds of a neighbor, who gets upset when Jerry inadvertently kills the feathered pets.

The Munsters

Scientifically, bats are not birds, but in an episode titled “Bats of a Feather” Eddie (played by Butch Patrick) takes one to school for show and tell, only to learn that the bat was actually Grandpa.

The Big Bang Theory

In a show called “The Ornithophobia Diffusion”, Sheldon must confront his fear of birds when a magpie jay lands on his window sill.

Full House

Michelle is delighted with her turn to bring the class pet bird home in “Bye Bye Birdie” until the thing flies away.

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Enjoying Movies Through The Best Service

The Internet has had a huge impact on the way audiences are able to watch their favorite films. Services that allow users to stream content to their computer or mobile device make it easier to find just the right film or show. Services that are available to use free of charge can provide you with the entertainment option you have been seeking without requiring you to pay to watch the latest movies and your favorite television shows.

Internet based services can differ considerably in terms of what they can provide for their audiences. Options that require users to open an account and provide personal details and information may not be the best resource. Choosing a service that allows you to begin watching content more quickly and easily could prove far more convenient.

Paying for movies and maintaining accounts that require monthly subscription costs is often more expensive than many users might realize. While such fees and costs are typically low, they can quickly add up. Services that can be utilized without having to pay offer a budget friendly alternative for those who love films and television shows.

Not every service or content provider is able to offer audiences the selection they may be looking for. Whether you are attempting to find specific movies or prefer to make use of services that have more variety, content and options to offer, choosing the right site can make a difference. Service options that may only have a limited number of titles to stream may find you unable to enjoy the types of movies you most want to watch.

Mobile devices provide the perfect way to enjoy movies in a wide variety of environments and situations. From curing up on the couch to staying entertained on long trips, being able to stream movies right to your tablet or phone may be easier than you might have imagined. Dealing with the right content provider or service makes it far easier to watch your favorite movies on a variety of devices.

Dealing with content providers that fail to provide a wider selection of titles can become very aggravating. Accounts that involve costs and fees may end up placing strain on your budget and financial resources. Only the best online movie streaming services can provide you with a quick and easy way to enjoy a wide range of titles from your computer or mobile device without having to pay any costs at all.

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How To Get Your Child Into Modeling?

Flipping through the newspapers and magazines, looking at some print advertisements or brochures and fixing your gaze at the television screen during a commercial, there they are, small young kids with wide eyes modeling for a particular company. You are wondering that in fact, your child is cuter and you do not see why your child is inferior compared to them. Then you start to ponder how to get your child into these agencies and become a star just like those that you have seen. Fret not because this article will tell you how.

1) Get your child’s picture and email it to the modeling agencies

When it comes to modeling, the physical appearance is always the first thing to look out for, everything else is secondary. If your child looks good both in real life and on screen, chances are, your child has a good chance of being selected. So what better way to let the modeling agencies know about your child than simply emailing a picture of your child to the agencies. You can do some quick search and see what are the various agencies available, afterwards, simply email them and state that you have an interest in letting your child to be their model. Wait patiently for their reply and see what they tell you. Most of the time, they will want more information about your child, personal details and experience in modeling are usually needed. After a few emails, if the agencies think that your child has the potential, they will request you to bring your child to their place for a short interview. The interview will likely take only about half an hour, during the interview, it will be an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you are curious about. If there are more than one agency interested, good for you because you can evaluate and consider your options before choosing one.

2) Get your child ready

There can be endless thoughts about how your child will become famous and how your child will be a future modeling star in this giant industry. But did you ask whether your child want it? Most of the time, the child becomes a model to meet the parent’s expectations and dreams because they are too young to voice out their opinion or afraid that he or she will not get his or her favourite toy if expectations were not met. So the point is, if your child can speak and is already old enough to say yes or no, do ask for their opinion. Tell them about the whole situation in their language, get them to at least know a little about what they will be doing, so that you can at least get them mentally prepared for what is to come. If they are reluctant before or during the whole process, do not force them or push them further, stop everything and respect their decision. Of course, if your child is more than glad to be in the spotlight, groom them and teach them etiquettes before interviews, so that they can perform better and stand out amongst other aspiring child models.

3) Other methods to get your child noticed

Some of these agencies send scouters out to streets daily to look for new talents, you might want to bring your child out to the places that they are scouting to increase the chances of being scouted. After being scouted, you will be given a call to ask you and your child down for an interview. Otherwise, some agencies accept walk-in customers, so you can simply bring your child down to their office for an interview on the same day.

To sum things up, it will be relatively easy for you to approach a modeling agency, as long as you find the right one, because which agency does not want new faces right? However, the real challenge is getting selected by the agency and shortlisted by clients, so do not be afraid of rejection during the course, because every client is different, each with different needs. Do not feel dejected, keep trying and you never know. Hope this article has helped you lay the path towards fame and success for you and your child.

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The Secret To Surviving The Quiet Season

dsc_1289-1024x680-810x538A successful producer once told me that the key to surviving this industry is how you handle the time in between gigs. “It’s easy when you’re working; it’s what you do when you’re not working that really counts.”

He wasn’t suggesting hiding under the bed with a pint of Cherry Garcia and a vision board and waiting for the phone to ring. He also didn’t mean you should focus solely on career-centric activities, networking your face off until you’re tongue falls out of your mouth. He meant, above all, you have to stay creative and enjoy a well-rounded life.

After all, wasn’t it your artistry that inspired a pursuit of this career in the first place? And what inspires all art? Life. Our creativity and ideas spring directly from the well of our life experiences. The more life we live, the deeper the well from which our creative souls drink like a bacchanal.

So how do we continue to fill the well? We live. Fully. Every single day. Here’s how you remain creative even when the industry/your career seems to be inhabited by crickets:

Stay curious. We human beings are so wildly complex and unique and interesting! Instead of just putting people in a box, stay curious. When you meet new people, chat with current friends, or even just hear a story about someone, don’t just scratch the surface of where they’re from and what they do. Ask questions that delve deeper into who they are and how they came to be the person they are today. Who, what, where, why, how?

Being curious leads to understanding. Understanding leads to connection – the single most important tool for a student of humanity (aka: artists). And all of that requires…

Shifting from Judgey McJudgester to Madame Empathy. It’s oh-so-easy to label a group of people you know nothing about as a bunch of douchebags. But maybe you’re the douchebag for being so judgey. Have some curiosity and empathy. Why do you think those individuals gravitate towards each other? What do those clothes allow them to express? What are they searching for and have they found it? What might you even have in common with them? (Hint: the search for a sense of belonging is universal.)

Explore! Trying new things expands your understanding of the world and yourself. Exploring can be as dramatic as jumping out of a plane or as intimate as eating sushi for the first time. Expand the types of stories you follow; read about people or communities you’ve never thought about before. Go to a new environment or city, even if it’s just next door. Watch TED Talks about subjects that interest you but which you know nothing about. And then watch ones about subjects you wouldn’t normally consider.

Discuss your exploration. I used to think that if I ended up in a relationship where we sat in front of the TV on most nights, then we were screwed. That would mean we hated each other and used the TV to ignore our crumbling union. But it’s quite the opposite. My man (also an actor) and I watch our favorite shows, movies and documentaries and then have passionate discussions about theme, characters, storytelling, acting, shots, what worked what didn’t – we learn from each other and from our attempts to communicate what we saw in that particular piece of art. So not only do we connect more deeply to each other, we connect more deeply to the types of human beings portrayed on the small screen.

But don’t stop with art (or your significant other). If you’ve stayed curious and explored humanity with empathy, you’ve probably made fascinating discoveries and will be eager to discuss them.

Remember: Curiosity, empathy, exploration and discussion in your daily life exercises your ability to connect to a character more readily, no matter how far from you they may seem.

Find other creative outlets. The Artist’s Way helped me find my voice as a writer, which was very helpful when I was between gigs as an actor. Writing didn’t require another person, so I could enjoy that creative expression, even when I didn’t have a gig or the cash for a class. Writing feeds me still, all these years later. I also sing (get coaching and jam with friends). And now, since acting, coaching, writing and singing all involve words, I’ve found new excitement and release in the adult coloring book craze! Talk about rediscovering your inner child!

So what’s that hobby you always wanted to try or had as a kid and dropped later? You don’t even have to be good at it. From sports to gardening to hip hop class, anything that lets you play feeds your creative soul.

Create your own acting opportunities. Challenge yourself to 30-days of auditions, whether you get called for one or create one with your friends. Pull sides from online and work on them as if you have a real audition. Or have a script reading at your home of an old classic or a new one. Let your friends know you’re available as a reader for script development. (Writers and directors always need to hear a script out loud at least a couple of times as they massage it.) Join a theater company. If you’re a writer also, then heck, now’s the time to write that project for yourself. Even the shortest of videos – vines, even – keep you creative!

Lead a well rounded life.” I’m stealing this from a Casting Director; those were her very words. Life can’t just be about your art and career. You must allow yourself to have relationships, take vacations, spend time with family, relax, make cookies, try new food, socialize, work out, travel, read, take a walk, dance, celebrate, laugh. All that down time is important for your emotional and spiritual renewal – and your creative inner life as well.

When you live your life fully, you fill the well of creativity and add more connection and complexity to your craft. So let your well runneth over and drink up!

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The Office Business Transitions


As a business, it is strategically important to define a direction of where the company is going. The Office started off as just Dunder Mifflin a paper company. They had very profitable sales periods, and also very low sales periods. After a huge decline in business, the company Sabre lead by CEO Joe Bennett came and bought out Dunder Mifflin and diversifying the given products that they sell. Was one business acquisition better than the other? This article will identify ways that the series showed how a firm can go into a different market when it is near failing.

Dunder Mifflin

Was specifically a paper company. Sales representatives made different clients every day and they sold them solely paper products. CEO David Wallace had the company up and running quite smoothly through the first few episodes. After a while had passed, management buckled and the company was headed towards bankruptcy. All assets of the company would be sold and all the branches was said to be closing. However, a different direction was introduced keeping the company and show alive.


Sabre lead by CEO Joe Bennett bought out Dunder Mifflin when they were going bankrupt. This put an emphasis on new products such as printers. A lot of employees did not like that new changes that Sabre was making but learned to adapt. They even stepped into the electronics division by introducing a new product similar to a tablet called “The Pyramid.”

Management Styles

1. Michael Scott: The playful boss that believes in a work environment that productivity comes from “distractions.” Michael attempts to make a fun social work environment that occur with activities that are usually off topic and involve sexual humor. One in particular being the phrase “that’s what she said.”

2. Robert California: Has a management style closely based on the philosophy of Sigmund Freud. Everything from incentives and daily operations gets referred back to the subject of sex and the human body. Robert California was referred to a genius and later on became the CEO of Dunder Milfflin.

3. Dwight Schrute: Dwight was a temporary acting manager and finally became branch manager by the end of the series. He had a very authoritarian approach and many rules and regulation that seemed unfair to many employees. One episode Dwight made employees use a code name in order to enter the building. If the employee forgot the code name, they were not granted access and also sprayed by a steam compressor machine.


This business acquisition ended up saving the company and many jobs. We can learn that there are other opportunities when firms are up against touch decisions.

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Acting: How To Break Through An Emotional Block

You have an audition for the role of a drug addict or someone who is suicidal. Or maybe the character is struggling over the loss of a parent or child. Or they are trying to escape an abusive household or dealing with PTSD. Maybe they’re battling a war in Afghanistan or inside their own community. Or they’re going through a divorce or dying of cancer.

Emotionally deep roles can be intimidating and scary – so much so that some actors shut down. They hit a block; something in them refuses to “go there” in an effort to avoid uncomfortable feelings like fear, pain, sadness and grief. And yet, that’s our job. If you’re going to represent humanity, you must be willing to experience the whole spectrum.

So when you hit an emotional block, how do you get beyond it?

We must remember why we do what we do. As actors pursue their careers, chasing after resume-building credits and insurance-keeping checks, we often forget why we starting acting in the first place.

I started acting because it was fun. I discovered how freeing it can be to transform into someone else, speak their words and live their life. I discovered liberation in the craft of acting and making people laugh or cry or think was icing on the cake.

But where is the fun in suffering through a divorce, illness or bullying? The joy of true connection. This is what we must remember as artists:

It is our job to honor these people’s lives. Someone out there is in mourning, being abused, divorcing, battling addiction, being bullied or struggling with their own self-worth. Our work reaches out to those that think they’re different, weird, lost, or misunderstood and says, “I get you.”

You’ve had this experience yourself as an audience member. Remember being deeply moved by a story and characters that you closely related to? You probably felt less alone because of that play, show or movie. Maybe you even discovered other people who felt the same way.

This is why Jill Soloway created the award-winning Amazon Prime show, Transparent:

“My parent came out at the tender age of 74 as trans… when people are coming out, they’re coming out literally to save their lives. They’re coming out to make a break for authenticity… that’s one of the reasons I wanted to make the show… It kind of triggers people to understand… After my parent came out, I really wanted to do something that would make the world a safer place for my parent to walk out of her apartment building, hail a taxi or stand in an elevator with strangers. People who are trans have told me the show has made the world a little bit different for them.”

That is why we do it. To connect. To empathize. To tell someone else’s story truthfully and change the world. It is extremely gratifying to have a stranger say, “That is exactly how I feel. You captured my experience perfectly. Thank you.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s hard. It takes vulnerability and courage and risk. When we do our job well – honestly, without defense, freely – we connect with the character, the other actors and our audience. It may feel uncomfortable while you’re in it, but true connection is the gold at the end of that difficult journey.

Michael J. Fox says, “An actor’s palette is the entirety of the human experience.” Our job is to represent humanity; the wildly fucked-up, glorious mess that we are. So the next time you hit that block, remember to breathe, gather your courage, and know someone out there will feel less alone because of you.

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5 Movies to Watch Before Living in Student Housing

These movies paint an entertaining, if not always realistic, picture of living on campus. Moving into student housing can be an exciting event in anyone’s life. It’s no wonder that so many movies have portrayed the experience. Check out these five movie dorms before you make the move yourself.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Filmed on Louisiana State University’s campus, Pitch Perfect puts Beca in the Barden Bellas right before their big acapella competition. Beca lives on-campus in one of the university dorms, for which real Pentagon was the stand-in. If you think Beca’s dorm is standard, you’re in for a surprise. Since the average student is underaged, many campuses restrict or forbid alcohol consumption. You can still have a swell time by getting involved with student groups that sing and enjoy other activities.

Animal House (1978)

Considered in most respects to be the definitive college movie, Animal House tells about Delta Tau Chi fraternity’s decision to stick it to the Dean and put on a huge homecoming parade that no one will ever forget. Animal House captures the fun spirit and fast friendships roommates often form over the course of living together.

Monsters University (2013)

This movie, a follow-up to Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., follows scarers Mike and Sully back when they attended Monsters University. Mike and Sully are randomly paired in the freshman dormitories in the center of campus, conveniently located next to the dining hall. They bunk the beds in their room. Partying is again part of the atmosphere, and things get hairy during the Scare Games. For student housing, different schools have different policies on rooming with friends or being paired with a random roommate. Like Monsters University, random roommates can sometimes lead to lasting friendships.

Legally Blonde (2001)

Elle Woods makes it look easy to get into Harvard Law and into a dorm. She brings Bruiser, her pet chihuahua, to live with her in room at Harvard, and quickly bedazzles the room with pink and glitter. On-campus student housing doesn’t usually allow furry friends-you’ll have to settle for a goldfish or a turtle. But you might be able to get away with the pink and furry decorations.

Accepted (2006)

Good-natured slacker Bartleby and all of his friends create their own school-South Hampton Institute of Technology-to trick their parents and friends into thinking they’re enrolled. The cool thing about the South Hampton’s rooming situation is that it is totally communal. While this isn’t a style too many colleges use today, it does make for some fun parties. Most schools have moved to apartment style housing, which allows roommates a little bit more privacy.

Although these are all fun looks into dorm life, they’re not always true-to-life. Today’s college freshman doesn’t have to live on-campus or in a frat house as crazy as Delta Chi Tau. There are often a variety of student housing options located near college campuses, both on-campus and off. Choose the student housing option that works best for your budget and lifestyle.

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Films: Are Films Created To Condition People?

If one wants to take it easy, they could decide to go and see a film or to watch one at home. This could also be something that they will do if they have some free time, with this being seen as a good way to spend it.


Alternatively, they might have the desire to find out about something that took place in the past. Perhaps they are studying history and need to find out about what occurred during a certain period of time.

It can be a lot easier to watch a film than to do endless research, and it can be far more fulfilling. Still, one will only be able to take this route if a film has been made that covers what they are looking for.

The Downside

Yet, even if they do find a film that covers what they are studying, it doesn’t mean that it will make their life easier. For one thing, the film might not reflect what actually took place, and this can mean that it is primary purpose is to entertain people.

Therefore, if one was to reference what they see in a film, it is likely to have a negative effect on them. One might even have to do it all over again, and this is going to mean that this approach won’t save them time after all.


This is something that a lot of people are going to realise, and so they are not going to expect to receive a history lesson when they watch a film about the past. They could be more than happy to swatch off and to enjoy the film.

As if one is watching a comedy, for instance, it is going to be clear as to why they are watching it. And when it comes to relaxing after a long day, there is no denying how beneficial films can be.

A New Reality

No matter what is going on in their life, they can end up being transported to another world. Their body is then going to be in one place, but there mind can end up being somewhere completely different.

One can get an idea of what it would like to experience life differently without actually having to change their life. This can then enable one to see life through other people’s eyes and there is going to be no reason for them to put their life at risk or to leave their home.


When this happens from time to time, it could be said that it is unlikely to have a negative effect on their life. There are plenty of other things that one could do to relax that would end up doing more harm than good.

However, this wouldn’t be the case if one spent most of their life watching films; this would cause them to neglect important areas of their life. It would then be vital for them to take a step back and to look at what they are trying to avoid.

A Balanced Diet

For example, if one liked eating chocolate, they are unlikely to eat it all the time. There is a strong chance that they would only have it now at then; with this being the sensible thing to do.

In the same way, when one watches films when they have time as opposed to whenever they feel like it, they will just be another part of their life. The rest of their life is not going to end up being compromised.


And although one could believe that films are made purely for entertainment purposes, they might have a different outlook. They could believe that some films are specifically made to influence how people perceive life.

When it comes to backing this up, they could talk about the films that have been made on the different wars. This could be seen as a way to present one country as being better than another and to cover up why they were started, for instance.

It’s clear

If one was to mention this to the average person, they might go along with what they are saying. One reason for this is that it could go against what they were taught at school, or perhaps it’s due to them not believing what they were told at school.

Nevertheless, when it comes to films that are not about history, one could generally believe that they are just being entertained. And if one was to watch a comedy or a comic book film, it could be said that this is to be expected.


As a result of this, it can be far easier to use these kinds of films to condition people. Their guard can end up being down and what they are exposed can end up going straight into their mind and influencing how they see life.

These films are not going to be used influence how people see history, but they can be used to define how they see their government, or the way in which they view the opposite sex. What they come to believe is acceptable can also be shaped by what they watch, amongst other things.

Part of Them

After being conditioned through the films that they watch, they can end up believing things without taking the time to do their own research. But as so many people are going to be influenced in the same way, they are generally going to be surrounded by people who are the same.

It is then not going to matter if they are watching the news or watching a film, as it can have the same effect to them. Or, one could believe that the people behind the scenes can’t influence them as they don’t watch the news, but this is not going to matter.


What this comes down to is that while films are made to make money, this is not the only reason they are created. And due to the amount of people who watch them, they have incredible power to shape people’s minds.

This is not to say that one should no longer watch them; what it highlights is that there is often more to films than meets the eye. Having this understanding can make it easier for one to protect their mind.

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