Netflix Offers a Lot of Programming

My daughter had been trying for months to get me to subscribe to Netflix. I just honestly did not see the reason for that when we were already getting nearly 200 channels on our cable subscription package. She tried to tell me I was wasting money on it, but I honestly thought she was just trying to get her way. It turns out that she actually did know more than me about this. She told me to look at a website called, so I did. I figured if she was going through this much trouble, then she might actually have a valid point somewhere in there.

When I looked at Netflix Insider, I was pretty surprised with what I found out. I always thought Netflix was just old TV shows and movies, but I could not have been more wrong. Some of the shows that are on TV are on there, but I found something even better. I have not really been a fan of the newer shows because it just seems like nothing is really original anymore. I saw that Netflix actually has a lot of original programming, and I was intrigued just from that.

I was able to look at all of the original programming that Netflix currently has on its streaming site, and I had heard of several of them. I knew that I was going to end up watching a handful of the original shows myself, so I had to admit to my daughter that she was right and I was wrong. That is actually not that hard for me to do though, especially when it means that we all win when it comes to our TV programming. I had never realized just how stale our own TV had become until I saw everything that Netflix has to offer!